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    CMS -Content Management System is an extension of a website maintenance focused on adjusting the content and layout of an existing website. CMS- Content Management System software supports management, publishing and editing of website content.

    CMS enables website owners to arrange, edit, publish, delete their website content independently and without much technical knowledge.

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    Yummy Gyro Welcome to Yummy Gyro the authentic Greek food in Williston Park and Port Washington, Long Island, NY.

    Our website will provide you with information on our wonderful restaurant, offer help with catering decisions, and to welcome feedback about your dining experiences with us. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious Mediterranean dish made with the freshest ingredients, or even a juicy feta burger and Greek fries, Yummy Gyros is the perfect restaurant for you.

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    Lydia Sierra provides consulting services to help churches, nonprofits, business improvement districts (BIDS), businesses and individuals bring their community visions to pass. She is also consultant to well-established nonprofit groups providing Contract Management, Fundraising Development, Event Management, Group Facilitation, Staff Development and Bookkeeping Services. Areas of fund development include: Children and Youth Programs, Family Services, Capital Projects, Capacity Building, Arts and Culture, Aging, Food Programs, Environmental, Historic Preservation, and Civic Affairs.

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    Socail BookmarkThis tool shows icons from 13 most known social sites (delicious, digg, facebook, google bookmarks, linkedin, mixx, myspace, newsvine, reddit, stumbleupon, technorati, twitter, pinterest, google +1 and rss feed) there are 4 different sizes of icons to choose from (24,32,48,64) and 6 different sets of icons (aquatic, orange round, white round, logorunner, glass and iPhone). It validates with W3C HTML5.


    - 13 social sites
    - 4 different icon sizes
    - 6 icon layouts
    - custom links for RSS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace
    - mouse-over effect
    - 4 custom icons and links
    - icon positioning(float): left, none, right
    - dynamic icons - tweet button, facebook like, linked in button and google+
    - W3C valid

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